Forbes 2015 Global Pharmaceutical Enterprises Top 54 Chinese pharmaceutical companies accounted for 5 seats

After combing, we found that in the list of the top 2000, 54 companies in the pharmaceutical industry are among them, accounting for 2.7% of the total. Unsurprisingly, Johnson & Johnson topped the list with a market cap of $275.7 billion, while it ranked 34th. It is followed by Pfizer, Novartis, Merck and Roche, with overall rankings of 48, 52, 80 and 81 respectively.

Looking at the performance of global pharmaceutical companies, US companies still occupy the dominant position, and a total of 5 Chinese pharmaceutical companies appear in this year's list, namely Fosun International, Sinopharm, Shanghai Pharmaceutical, Yunnan Baiyao and Kangmei Pharmaceutical, while Fosun International ranks among the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in China with a ranking of 536.


Zhenlei Chemical has launched a bacteriostatic set ----- produced by pharmaceutical factories, with authentic raw materials and quality assurance.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer, quick-drying hand sanitizer, cleansing and bacteriostatic liquid, antibacterial laundry detergent, pharmaceutical production, raw materials are authentic, quality assurance.

China breaks the monopoly of foreign patented drugs in the fields of lung cancer and leukemia, and the creation of new drugs welcomes the "bumper harvest"

Lung cancer, leukemia and other fields broke foreign monopolies, and the listing of domestic small molecule targeted drugs promoted the price reduction of foreign drugs in China by more than 50%... The major national scientific and technological achievements include not only 4G mobile communication and Beidou satellite navigation, but also biomedical technology innovations closely related to the health of the people.

CFDA Releases Good Practice for Non-clinical Research of Drugs

In order to ensure the quality of non-clinical evaluation research of drugs and protect public use, the State Food and Drug Administration recently issued the newly revised "Good Management Practice for Non-clinical Research of Drugs" (Order No. 34 of the State Food and Drug Administration) (hereinafter referred to as the "Specification")

2019 International Pharmaceutical Ingredients Exhibition (CPHI) in New Delhi, India

The 2019 New Delhi International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Exhibition (CPHI) will be held on November 26-28 at Greater Noida International Exhibition Center, New Delhi, once a year, is a well-known international pharmaceutical raw materials event in India, and is also a must for enterprises from all over the world in this field to explore the Indian market.